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Federal Workers Compensation Doctors in Wisconsin

Click below to view a short animated video that explains why ACS is the preferred healthcare provider for injured federal workers in Wisconsin. The DOL doctors and OWCP injury claims experts at ACS provide top-notch health care and injury rehabilitation. They also provide free consultatoins, free claims assistance, and free case management.

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We have been asked over and over again if we charge to assist patients in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, or Southeast WI fill out the necessary paperwork to get their claim accepted. The answer is always NO! What if another doctor did my treatment and the claim was denied, do you charge to help me get […]

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A New Choice of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha WI OWCP Injury Doctors

Finally, Wisconsin federal employees of Southeast Wisconsin have a new choice in DOL OWCP work injury doctors. Introducing Advanced Care Specialist! Federal employees of Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha finally have a local option of a clinic that not only treats DOL OWCP injuries but specializes in getting cases accepted. Advanced Care Specialists has already established […]

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If You Want Your OWCP Injury Claim Accepted in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha WI, CLICK HERE

Advanced Care Specialists, ACS, in Racine, WI SPECIALIZES IN GETTING OWCP INJURY CLAIMS ACCEPTED. DOL has very specific requirements for claims to be approved and this can tricky for most physicians to navigate. Here at ACS, we take the guess work out of the paperwork to get your claim accepted. Many patients come to us […]

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